What is KMSAuto Net?

KMSAuto Net is a powerful tool that allows you to activate Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows automatically after your key expires. It requires the Microsoft ToolKit for it to work properly. KMSAuto Net. The service takes care of activating your windows for you and could save you a lot of time and hassle if you have issues with the online activator and Windows Genuine Advantage.

KMSAuto Net is an activation crack, and it is sometimes used by people who are trying to commit software piracy. It is also sometimes used by people who have genuine copies of the software in question, however, because it stops some of the issues that are associated with the DRM that Windows uses, and with the DRM that has been added to certain versions of Office. If you are concerned that you may be running software that is not legitimate or that you have bought a device that had pirate software installed, then you should run a virus scan of your computer. Most antivirus software will flag up keygens, cracks, and activators as being malicious software so you will be alerted to whether or not there is an issue. You may also want to contact Microsoft and ask them to verify the codes that you have for your software. They will talk you through the process and are happy to put your mind at ease if you approach them if you fear that you have been sold pirate software.


KMSAuto Net can be downloaded online from a number of tools and software websites. There are legitimate reasons for using it on software that you own, but even in those instances, you should not pay for the software. Use a free download from the source.